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imediff2 - An interactive fullscreen 2-way merge tool [Leave a comment]

Copyright 2003-2007 by Jarno Elonen <elonen@iki.fi>


Imediff2 is an interactive, user friendly 2-way merge tool in text mode - essentially an easy-to-use replacement for sdiff. In other words, you give it two slightly different text files and merge them with a nice user interface.

The program lets you scroll around the document much like with the popular less pager and highlights the changed sections as you go. You can then choose which version of the differing part will end up in the merged version; first, second or optionally, if the 'unresolved' mode is enabled, both.

Imediff2 is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It has been developed under Debian GNU/Linux but should be usable on any platform that supports Python (2.2.1 or newer) and Ncurses.

Latest version is 1.1.2, released on 2007-8-18. It now support launching external editor to finish up the merging.

To submit bug reports, wishilist items, patches etc. please visit the project page at Alioth and use the "tracker".



  • Man page in html (DocBook version in package)
  • Hitting H brings up an online help

Version control

PS. imediff1 does not exist. The "2" comes from "2-way merge" algorithm. There might be imediff3 in the future, though -- support for 3-way merge.

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